The Modern Chemist is a trusted neighborhood pharmacy offering a wide range of traditional and progressive services and products. It is our mission to offer exceptional service and advocacy for the health + wellness needs of our customers.

We solve insurance issues for you, suggest alternative methods of treatment and make Rx transfers quick and easy. Find out more about what we can do for you here.

Unimpressed by faceless chains, founder and pharmacist Carlos Urriola opened the first location in Park Slope in 2010, which quickly became a staple in the neighborhood. A growing demand prompted the launch of a second location in Gowanus. As our stores have grown, so has our team, with the addition of pharmacist and partner Par Vora.

Fast-forward to 2017, our most exciting year yet! This third and largest outpost brings our unrivaled service to Dumbo’s residents, workers and visitors alike. In addition to traditional pharmacy services, we also provide a recharge station, gourmet food and coffee, curated selection of personal care and beauty products, wellness experts-in-residence and a relaxing outdoor space.

We look forward to this opportunity to serve Brooklyn and earn the trust of its residents, workers and visitors alike.


What people think of The Modern Chemist

Carlos is the best pharmacist I have ever met. When I call for a refill, he knows it’s me right away over the phone, and he knows what meds I need refilled before I do! I have never received better service at a pharmacy (hurrah for no longer being stuck with Duane Reade or Target!). Another perk of this pharmacy is that they compound certain meds so that it’s cheaper for the patient. I used to spend $60 on one of my meds and now it’s $40 thanks to Carlos.

The store part of the pharmacy is adorable. It’s a little expensive, but they have stuff that is nice and actually useful. They have a great selection of body products and child/baby products.

Bottom line: Definitely worth moving your prescriptions here (and Carlos makes the Rx move so easy!)

Here’s the deal: the owner is a very hard working man. I fly in from out of state and was not an easy customer since I had out of state insurance. The owner bends over backwards to take care of me and my needs, despite it being a bit more complicated.

I’m not an easy customer as I always ask for prices, transfers, etc. Doesn’t help that my prescriptions and doctors are all out of state too. The owner always says no worries he’ll take care of it. I always brings my business here because this neighborhood needs more establishments like this that go above and beyond.

Have a super weird and hard-to-fill prescription for cough syrup for my dog (sizzurp, really, but he’s not an addict) and I called SIX pharmacies today looking for a supply. Not only did no pharmacy in Park Slope have it, but my inquiry was met with a curt “No, we don’t have that.” End of story, I guess.

Then I called Modern Chemist and the pharm tech looked it up, said they didn’t have it, and then offered to place me on hold and call the 7th Ave location to see if it’s available there. It was. This simple, yet classy, costumer service move just earned The Modern Chemist a new customer. Thank you, sir, for your kindness. It’s the little things…

Carlos, the pharmacist, is one of the nicest, most helpful people I’ve ever met. I’m from Michigan, and Carlos spent weeks dealing with my insurance company to try to get everything squared away. In the meantime, he gave me my prescriptions for free so that I wouldn’t go without or have to try another pharmacy. When my insurance finally went through, I paid him for my backlogged months. Beyond this amazing response to my debacle, Carlos remembers my name, asks me about school and work, knows what I need when I go in, and was so sweet when I went in with a sinus infection and a prescription for a Z-Pack–giving me recommendations for additional things that would make me feel better faster.

If you have any prescription issues you need taken care of, or just want someone sweet to fill your prescriptions, Carlos is the guy.